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Meant for More Podcast with Charity Majors

Jun 3, 2019

This is a special episode as Charity read with us the introduction of her newly launched book, Meant For More: Igniting Your Purpose in a World That Tries to Dim Your Light.

In the book, Meant For More, Charity Majors shares real experiences and insights on what's really going on inside of us - how we dim our light and how we all struggle to find and step into our purpose - even when we already know what it is. She answers questions as to why women feel the need to tear each other down, how to build your tribe, and how to know and grow in the gifts your Creator has given you. You may laugh. You may cry. You will finally feel understood. You will be challenged to own your purpose - unapologetically - so that you can make a meaningful impact in the world and shine bright, no matter what anyone else may say.


Please grab your copy of the book and head over to Amazon or go to today!




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